Ultimate Gridiron Home

1 (2) 9-2-0.818W213852.24728.84
Division 1: South
1 (2) 9-2-0.818W213852.24728.84
2 (3) 8-3-0.727W1121,009.50810.48
3 (4) 8-3-0.727W111818.34709.34
4 (5) 7-4-0.636W110996.86854.08
Division 2: North
1 (1) 9-2-0.818L116922.82726.68
2 (6) +16-5-0.545W29953.14854.74
3 (12) 4-7-0.364L14711.00781.38
4 (14) 3-8-0.273L114635.24831.60
Division 3: East
1 (7) -16-5-0.545L115880.02875.46
2 (10) 5-6-0.455W36782.12820.62
3 (13) 3-8-0.273L23735.50857.24
4 (15) +13-8-0.273W12610.04826.26
Division 4: West
1 (8) 6-5-0.545W18798.58802.76
2 (9) 5-6-0.455L27670.90680.14
3 (11) 4-7-0.364L15763.50830.76
4 (16) -12-9-0.182L61636.82786.24
* Rank change shown is from week 10 - 11


League Player News

  • 11/27, 12:12 am
    • Coach Rex Ryan says he'd like...

      Coach Rex Ryan says he'd like to see more passes thrown Watkins' way, The Buffalo News reports. "We've got to find ways to get him the football," Ryan said this week, "because he is that talented and that's a challenge to our staff. Even our quarterback. Let's get Sammy Watkins involved more and regardless of what people play because he is such a talent."

      Analysis: The ledger for Watkins receiving more looks now has Ryan, Watkins, Watkins' agent, and about seven million Bills fans on its side, but sometimes that's easier said than done. While the Bills have better offensive weapons this season, there's still a decent drop-off between Watkins and his fellow receivers. So he almost always sees the opponent's best cover man, or blanket coverage, or both. The team used Chris Hogan effectively for an entire game against the Patriots to combat this, so eventually Watkins might see not only more looks, but effective ones. Tyrod Taylor, as good as he's been, still struggles with his passes sometimes and his improvement in gaining more rapport with Watkins can only help boost the second year receiver's numbers.

      Player News by Rotowire.com
  • 11/26, 9:25 pm
    • Langford carried the ball 12 times...

      Langford carried the ball 12 times for 48 yards and a touchdown in Thursday's 17-13 win over the Packers. He also caught one pass for five yards.

      Analysis: Though Langford didn't get the start for the Thanksgiving Day game, coach John Fox divvied up the workload fairly evenly between Langford and Matt Forte, who returned from a three-game absence due to a knee injury. Forte ended up finishing with a slight edge in carries (15), but Langford showed a little bit more burst between the tackles, averaging four yards per attempt compared to Forte's 2.9. Langford was also able to punch in his lone goal-line carry for a touchdown, while Forte actually lost yardage on his two attempts near the goal line during a similar scenario early in the fourth quarter. While Langford was probably the better of the two players Thursday, it's unlikely that Fox will move back to a more one-sided approach during next week's matchup with the 49ers. Just as he did during his time coaching in Carolina with DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart, Fox has stated an affinity for dual-back systems, much to the chagrin of fantasy players.

      Player News by Rotowire.com
  • 11/26, 9:24 pm
    • Starks rushed for 39 yards on...

      Starks rushed for 39 yards on seven carries, and caught four balls on five targets for 41 yards in Thursday's Thanksgiving loss to the Bears.

      Analysis: Starks was notably in a backup role as Eddie Lacy got 17 carries to Starks' seven. It appears as Lacy has full control over the lead back role for Green Bay again. Starks should continue to see a few drives of action per game, including two-minute drill and comeback situations.

      Player News by Rotowire.com
  • 11/26, 9:20 pm
    • Jones failed to make a catch...

      Jones failed to make a catch in Thursday's loss to Chicago.

      Analysis: He had a couple of difficult, but catchable balls throughout the game, but was unable to bring any in. The most notable was a drop in the end zone on third down in the fourth that would have all but won it for the Packers. It was a cold, rainy night in Green Bay, which led to difficult receiving conditions. He will look to bounce back next Thursday in Detroit.

      Player News by Rotowire.com
  • 11/26, 9:16 pm
    • Adams brought in 2 receptions for...

      Adams brought in 2 receptions for 14 yards on Thanksgiving.

      Analysis: Adams had a handful of drops to go along with his two receptions, and also appeared to stop early on a route, which led to a rare Aaron Rodgers interception in Lambeau. Weather certainly played a factor, as it was a cold rainy night in Green Bay. Adams will look to rebound next week in Detroit.

      Player News by Rotowire.com